This location is not what I would consider a very good location for birdwatching. On the other hand, this is a good location to teach people who are new to birdwatching because it doesn’t matter much if they talk, ask questions, or tell jokes. Knowledgeable bird watchers would not go to this location expecting to see an unusual bird, although seeing an unusual bird (one that’s out of its usual habitat or range) is not impossible. I’d go on a walk there just to watch the birds, watch their activity and behavior, and to try to learn something about them I might not have known before. If I went on a bird watching walk with someone who acted like Conan O’Brien, but wasn’t in his league, I think I’d find some way to sneak off in a different direction. However, I’d been on this bird walk, I doubt I’d be paying much attention to the birds.


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