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Hiking poles aren’t just for hikers and adventurers. Sometimes that fun family trip can be a bit tiring. The blocks of walking and sightseeing can really add up, so make sure you’ve got a set of hiking sticks to ease the burden on your joints while making sure you keep up with everyone else!

Trekking poles have become very popular among many hiking enthusiasts. Our trekking poles work your upper back muscles, chest, shoulders, and arms via a practical range of motion while trekking. The particular exercise is sometimes referred to as Nordic walking. Montem Trekking Poles have wrist straps for securing the poles to your arms and rubber tips for grabbing the ground. Walking with trekking poles comes with numerous health benefits, especially among seniors.

GOOD FOR BEGINNERS TO EXPERIENCED TREKKERS. Calling all trekkers, backpackers, and day hikers – anyone who loves the outdoors will experience the benefits. Folks preparing for or recovering from knee or hip surgery may experience a profound “unweighting” of joints by utilizing their upper body muscles. This may reduce joint inflammation. [Continue Reading]

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