Backpacking in the mountainsHow to select best backpack size for hike – by Rob Bignell

The best size for your backpack depends on a number of factors.

When day hiking, you’ll almost always want to wear a backpack. This ensures you have much-needed supplies – a first-aid kit, your maps, a snack – during the hike. You probably won’t need the loaded-to-the-hilt backpack you see hikers carrying in national magazines, though.

Which backpack size you choose largely depends on your needs. There are several questions to consider when selecting a backpack size that best serves you.

How much will you carry?
The more you carry, the larger (and heavier) your backpack must be. Usually, on a day hike, you won’t need to take as many items as when on a backcountry hike (For example, day hikers don’t need a tent, sleeping bag or bedroll.), so a smaller (and lighter) pack is sufficient. Also, when packing, you’ll want to ensure there’s a little extra space at the top of the bag, so take that into consideration as well.

How long will you hike?
If going several miles (Some hikers walk as much as 12-15 miles on a day hike), you’ll want a backpack with a frame, as it better supports the gear’s weight and balances better on you your back. A short walk of up to four miles likely… [Continue Reading]

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