Hiking North America’s Most Frightening Stairs & Bridges
www.lovethebackcountry.com – from Love the BackcountryRoyal Gorge Bridge, Colorado

Though there are tons of aspects of hiking that can be quite scary, high footbridges and steep staircases take fear to a whole new level…literally. While you may have already conquered your fear of heights by climbing some of the tallest peaks that are out there, there’s something a little different about having a single bridge or skinny planks hold you, as opposed to an entire mountain. Nevertheless, hiking through one of these deserves a spot on your backcountry bucket list, as well as a pat on the back when you complete them:

  • Capilano Bridge, Vancouver
  • Ha’iku Stairs, Hawaii
  • Grand Staircase Escalante, Utah
  • Royal Gorge Bridge, Colorado
  • Puente de Ojuela, Durango, Mexico
  • Angel’s Landing, Utah
  • Half Dome, California
  • Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Vancouver
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