Here’s Why You Are a Crappy Hiker: 35 Things to Stop Doing to Decrapify Your Hiking & Camping Skills – by Ioanna – A Woman Afoot

So you tried this hiking thing once or twice and you reached the conclusion that you suck at it. And you are probably right. But don’t worry – there is a cure!

  1. You don’t plan. Yeah, it might seem like a great idea to be all spontaneous… but believe me – it’s worth doing your homework. Read guides, reviews and trail reports. It’s a good idea to buy a guidebook for your trail if one exists. Books can be heavy – but taking a Kindle (US) with you is a seriously good idea. You can pack it with books, pdf with trail description, insurance documents, scans of your passport, etc. Research local weather, permits (for national parks and such) or limits on trail access. There might be a hunting season, special race or closure for tree felling. Check out this handy guide on how to plan your next hiking trip for more advice.
  2. You don’t prepare well for international travel. Check your bank policies and international withdrawal fees and charges. Have both cash and credit/atm cards with you and know how much it will cost you using them. Check what phone plan is available to avoid high bills after you come back. Switching to… [Continue Reading]
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