travel backpacksHow to Choose a Good Travel Backpack – by Narayanan Hariharan

One of the things that make or breaks your trip is a good backpack, and those who’ve travelled often will understand why. And to choose a good travel backpack is not as easy as one may think. Unwieldy suitcases, bad backpacks etc can lead to a lot of discomfort, and worse, leave you with a sore back. Suitcases are fine if you are travelling with a family and kids to tow, but not otherwise – in my opinion.

What’s in a good travel backpack, you may ask – after all, all of them look the same. The similarity usually ends with looks – most of the backpacks are badly designed, with straps hanging from everywhere, sizing issues, etc, are just the starting point to my troubles. Reason – travel backpacks are rare, and good ones are even more hard to find.

Let me dig in deeper – as a traveller, what are your options? Wheeled suitcases (if you are travelling with a family and kids, yes), top loading hiking backpacks and unsuitable choices like duffel bags and school backpacks, but they are rarely suitable for travel. [Continue Reading]

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